The Superior Sessions launched in September 2020 to showcase the exceptional quality of Ritmüller pianos and provide a platform for artists.

We will have performances from Musicians and Classical players over the coming year. Performances will be with pianos from the Ritmüller Superior & Ritmüller Grand Ranges.

Ritmüller pianos offer exceptional tonal quality and performance making them perfect for your home, studio, academy and venue.

The Superior Sessions opens with some of Ireland’s best new talent, many of the performers you’ll see have also performed on Hotpress Magazines Lockdown Sessions Y&E Series – so make sure you check out all the wonderful performances from Ireland’s best emerging talent over there.

On May 13th 2021 – The Superior Sessions hit 850,000 views across all channels having released 18 videos since September 19th 2020.

Opening Acts – Nathan Mac, Jacob Koopman, Muireann, Gemma Cox, Megan Burke & Colm Gavin.

2021 Series – Martin McDonnell, Sophie Doyle Ryder, Pastiche & Seán Rooney.

You can follow The Superior Sessions on all our social media channels and our YouTube channel. Be sure to follow us and subscribe to our channel so you never miss a performance from exceptional artists on the stunning Ritmüller range of pianos.

Coming Soon – The Superior Sessions Dublin Concert From The Bord Gáis Energy Theatre.

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Latest Performances:

Seán Rooney – Ritmüller Conservatory Grand – Fantasie Impromptu, Chopin


Previous Performances:

Pastiche – Ritmüller Superior 122 – Against All Odds(Cover)

Pastiche – Ritmüller Superior 122 – Heaven


Sophie Doyle Ryder – Ritmüller R9 – Mood

Sophie Doyle Ryder – Ritmüller R9 – Too Much


Martin McDonnell – Ritmüller RSH 121 – Ocean Eyes(Cover)

Martin McDonnell – Ritmüller RSH 121 – Day By Day


Colm Gavin – Ritmüller Superior 122 – Your Little Corner Of The Moon

Colm Gavin – Ritmüller Superior 122 – Since Baby Went Away


Gemma Cox – Ritmüller Superior 122 – Dreams(Cover)

Gemma Cox – Ritmüller Superior 122 – Whale On My Shoulder


Megan Burke – Ritmüller Conservatory Grand – Where Did You Find Love

Megan Burke – Ritmüller Conservatory Grand – Purple Rain(Cover)


Muireann – Ritmüller Superior 130 – Us

Muireann – Ritmüller Superior 130 – Moon River(Cover)


Jacob Koopman – Ritmüller R9 – Is That What You Wanted?

Jacob Koopman – Ritmüller R9 – Weight Of The Wave


Nathan Mac – Ritmüller Conservatory Grand – Carolina

Nathan Mac – Ritmüller Superior 122 – Better Off Without You