Can A Piano Be Reconditioned In My Home?

It would not be common for any reconditioning work to take place in your home. Some materials used during the process are toxic and can be dangerous when not being used in the correct environment. It is advised that any reconditioning work be carried out in a professional, dedicated workshop. 


Can Anyone Safely Move A Piano?

Pianos are big heavy instruments, mainly comprised of iron and wood. Upright pianos can weigh anywhere up to 300+ kilos. If a piano isn’t being moved by professionals with the correct equipment and experience, damage may be caused to your floors, the piano itself and injuries may occur. 


I’ve Been Advised To Buy A Yamaha, Are They The Best Piano On The Market For Beginners?

Yamaha pianos are an excellent choice for any level of player but they are not the only option on the market for people looking to start out. Many piano teachers recommend Yamaha, this started to happened many decades ago after Yamaha approached teachers to recommend their brand to new students. Although Yamaha pianos are excellent, they are not necessarily the best option for new players in all cases. There are other suitable options at lower price points for beginners. 


Should I Avoid Chinese Built Pianos?

In short, no. China manufacture instruments for all the leading brands in the world including Steinway, Yamaha, Bechstein & Kawai amongst others. Chinese built pianos for the European market are well built in most cases. Remember, the most important thing when choosing your piano is that you like how it plays and the tone it has. 


How Long Does It Take To Tune A Piano?

It takes roughly 90 minutes to 2 hours to fully look over and tune a piano. If a tuner has spent roughly 30 minutes tuning, they have not tuned the whole piano but only the odd notes. We recommend that the full range is looked over and tuned every time your tuner visits.


I Have Been Left or Have Come Across A Pre 1920’s Piano, What Value Does It Have?

We are asked this question on a daily basis. It is a common misconception that these instruments may have a high value. In most cases these instruments have no value, especially pre – 1900, where they may not have an iron frame and aren’t capable of achieving the standard required for modern players. Generally, we are engaged to dispose of these instruments as they haven’t been well maintained over time. They may have a value as antique furniture if the brand is highly sought after and well recognised.  


Guarantee & Warranty, What’s the Difference?

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A guarantee is issued by the manufacturer and makes them liable for any repairs or replacement of an item within the guarantee time period.

A warranty is like an insurance policy that can be bought on top of a guarantee, making the seller responsible for repairs outside of the guarantee but within the terms of the warranty period. 

Neither a guarantee or a warranty over right your Consumer Rights under the Sales of Goods Act.

We offer full 5 year guarantees on all of our products – New and Reconditioned, regardless of brand or where you live in the ROI.